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Indy's most comprehensive full listing service and searchable database of rental units. The only online service based in Indianapolis, dedicated to the Indianapolis market. www.INDYforRENT.com provides a low cost, comprehensive marketing solution to property owners/managers of rental housing in Indianapolis.

www.INDYforRENT.com is a revolutionary concept in property advertising. We bring the properties to the tenant and the tenant to the property manager. Renters now have the ability to search for all types of rental units (apartments, homes, doubles, townhouses, condominiums, and large apartment communities) by area of town, price, type of unit, bedrooms, bathrooms, and amenities right from the convenience of their home or office computer. We bring thousands and thousands of potential tenants from around the world to you.

Why should you advertise with www.INDYforRENT.com?

  • You get a customized interactive web page(rather than 3 tiny lines in a local newspaper) to advertise your property.
  • Unlimited text description.
  • Photo capabilities (include a picture(s) of your rental unit(s) on your page)
  • 24 hours/7 days a week advertising for an entire month or year*.
  • Low advertising rates.
  • Largest target market (not just Indy residents but tenants from around the World looking to move to Indy)
  • Complete search capability.
  • Online listing and payment capabilities
  • Make updates and changes instantly to your ad.
  • Map and directions to rental property.
  • Unmatched customer service! Locally based, we are here to help you fill your vacancy(ies).
  • E-Link: So renters can contact you directly
  • Your company or property logo
  • Over 75 pieces of key information
www.INDYforRENT.com is the only internet property listing service dedicated to the Indianapolis market. We bring apartments, homes, doubles, townhouses, condominiums, and large apartment communities into one single medium. www.INDYforRENT.com does not just rely on internet search engines (Yahoo™, Alta Vista™, HotBot™, Excite™ and many more) and word of mouth, We vigorously advertise and market www.INDYforRENT.com via, such things as, newspaper advertisements, road signs, local associations, radio advertisements, local web pages and with yard signs. Let us do the advertising for you!

If you want to reach thousands of relocating renters in Indy and around the World then www.INDYforRENT.com is the advertising medium for you.

Advertising Rates
  • Monthly(single unit residence, condo, house, double, small building)
  • $0.00 one time set-up fee.
  • $9.95/unit advertised
  • Up to 26 pictures, $0.00/picture
  • What you get-
  • 1 layout
  • unlimited text
  • direct E-mail
  • map and directions to your property(provided by Mapquest®)
  • list of unit and property amenities
  • unlimited editing of advertisement
  • Sign-up now and get your set-up fee waived
  • Yearly(apartment community)
  • $0.00 one time set-up fee.
  • $395.00/year
  • What you get-
  • up to 10 floorplans
  • unlimited text
  • direct E-mail
  • pictures(up to 12/floorplan)
  • map and directions to your property(provided by Mapquest®)
  • list of unit and property amenities
  • unlimited editing of advertisement
  • Sign-up now and get your set-up fee waived and 6 months worth of
        advertising free!!!
*No charge for one exterior photo with an advertisedproperty. $25.00 charge for us to come out and take interior
photo(s) (up to 12 total pictures)and scan onto our website. If property
owner/manager provides picture(s) there is no
additional charge. There is never a charge to upload your own photos.
*Production services(including photography
and floorplan design) available at a nominal fee.
After you signup for INDYforRENT.com's services, you will be able to advertise apartment communities(yearly basis) and/or single unit residences(monthly basis)  

Please click here to view our Terms of Service.

            *Apartment community advertising is only available on a yearly basis.