How We Got Started was started by two local Indianapolis property owners/ managers, Eric Cavallaro and Mark Jones, faced with a property managers worst nightmare; VACANT PROPERTY. We considered our options:
  1. Put a sign in the yard and hope someone sees it.
  2. Place an ad in the Sunday paper or weekly newspaper, paying an arm and a leg for three tiny lines of advertising.
  3. Put flyers up in local businesses.
  4. Ask our friends to rent from us.
By using just one form of advertising, we were very inefficient in locating a qualified tenant. When we used all four, it became time consuming and cost prohibitive. So we created'INDY'S online rental guide'.

What is is a revolutionary concept in property advertising. We bring the property to the tenant and the tenant to the property. Tenants now have the ability to search for an apartment, home, condominium, double, townhouse and large apartment community right from the convenience of their home or office computer in one easy to use, complete and well-organized location. is Indy's most comprehensive full listing service and searchable database of available rental units. is an inexpensive marketing service for property owners/managers in Indianapolis to reach a captive audience in Indianapolis and around the World.

What Sets Us Apart

www.INDYforRENT is the only online service based in Indianapolis dedicated to the Indianapolis market. We know the Indianapolis real estate/rental market.

Unlike other online services, we offer all types of rental housing (apartment, home, condominium, double, townhouse) not just large apartment communities. The tenant has the ability to search for all types of rental housing or just one particular type (ex. if a tenant was only interested in a single-family home, under the search criteria, they could choose to select only single-family homes).

Because, is a local company and familiar with Indianapolis, tenants are able to search a specific area of town that relates to their needs.

How We Advertise

We have made easy to find from anywhere on the internet. does not just rely on internet search engines(Yahoo®, Alta Vista®, HotBot®, and many more) and word of mouth. We vigorously advertise and market via, such things as, newspaper advertisements, road signs, local associations, radio advertisements, local web pages, and with yard signs.